We at Jaraa Nigeria make it a point to provide our users a simple yet secured buying and selling experience.

Jaraa is a Nigerian online marketplace designed for seamless exchange of goods and services between sellers and buyers, with a special bias for helping local businesses find wider reach, make better sales, and improve capacity that helps their businesses grow. 

Jaraa (pronounced jara) is derived from the Yoruba language of Nigeria, and refers to that bit of extra given after a purchase. That transactional gesture of goodwill that gives beyond what was agreed. 


That name was chosen essentially because, it captures the chore of who we are -  a marketplace that provides more than a space to sell, but gives that extra of helping you sell more and growing your business through time and sustained engagement with us.

Remember, posting an ad on Jaraa is totally free of charge and you can post unlimited ad for free regardless of the categories.